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Megara Slouch - a FREE crochet pattern

This hat pattern is written for Adult “one-size-fits-most” (The PDF available for purchase includes notes to help you customize your piece to fit a variety of sizes). It was designed with cotton yarn and open stitch work to create a light and airy hat, perfect for spring and early autumn.

You can purchase a low cost pdf of this pattern in my Ravelry store.

If you are unable to safely access Ravelry and wish to purchase a pdf, please contact me and I'll be happy to make other arrangements.

SKILL LEVEL: EASY Pattern is written in US crochet terms. You’ll begin by working a rectangle for the body of the hat, then seaming the short ends to create a tube. After gathering the crown, you’ll finish by working a simple sturdy brim.

MATERIALS Yarn: 170y/185m of worsted weight yarn; sample shown in Jil Eaton Cottontail

I/5.5mm Hook, or size needed to obtain gauge

scissors, darning needle


• 17sts x 10.5 rows = 4”/10.2cm

•Worked in pattern repeat

I suggest a starting chain of 25, and working 4 full pattern repeats to accurately judge gauge.


ch – chain

slst – slip stitch

SC – single crochet SC2tog – single crochet two together

HDC – Half Double Crochet

3L – third loop: HDC creates three workable loops, the typical front and back loops at the top of your stitch and a “hidden” third loop on the backside of your stitch. Because you’re turning your work after each row, you’re now looking at the back of your HDC from the previous row and can clearly see the “hidden” third loop.

DC – Double Crochet

Wrapped DC – skip one stitch, work a DC in the next stitch, work another DC around the post of the stitch you just made to “wrap” it. Counts as two stitches.

NOTE: turning chains never count as a stitch

PATTERN 1. ch41. Beginning in the second ch from your hook, SC across. Turn. (40SC, st count remains the same)

2. Ch1. HDC in each st across. Turn.

3. ch1. SC in first st. SC3L until you have one st left. SC in last st. Turn.

4. ch2. DC in first stitch. Work Wrapped DC across until you have one st left. DC in last st. Turn.

(You should have 2 regular DC, and 19 sets of Wrapped DC)

5. ch1. SC in each st across. Turn.

* Repeat rows 2-5 eleven times for a total of 12 repeats and 49 rows.

** Bring the short sides of your rectangle together, making sure the right sides (the side where you can see the pretty “braid” created by you 3L sts) are touching each other and you are looking at the wrong side of your work. Loosely slpst across to seam.

*** Turn your hat right side out. ch1. SC evenly around the edge of your hat. Specific st count isn’t important. slpst to your first SC to finish round. Cut yarn leaving a generous tail. **** SC2tog around. If you have odd number of stitches, don't worry about it. It's fine, I promise.

***** Thread the tail through your darning needle and work it through the final round of stitches. Cinch the hole shut, and on the inside of your hat place a knot to secure and weave in loose ends.

For the brim:

Attach yarn at the back of your hat.

1. Ch1. SC around evenly. Specific st count isn’t important, just be sure that your work isn’t bunching or stretched anywhere. slpst to your first SC to finish round.

2. Ch1. SC in each st around. slpst to your first SC to finish round.

3. Repeat round 2. Cut and secure yarn tail. YAY! YOU’RE FINISHED!

This pattern is a copyright © of Lydia Claar of Lit Stitches. Megara Slouch hats created using this pattern may be sold in small quantities (less than 10 total). Credit must be given to Lit Stitches, the original designer. Pattern and photos can not be used for resale purposes. Distribution in part or in whole of this pattern is strictly forbidden.

Please share your work with the hashtag #MegaraSlouch and #MyLitStitches to share the handmade love! Feel free to tag me @lit_stitches, as well!

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